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Love is a feeling that you want to share with a person or afeksi against someone. Other opinion, love is an action / activity on the human against another object, in the form of self-sacrifice, empathy, attention, give love, help, obey the word, to follow, docile, and would like to make any desired object.
Love? Love is a word that is all very beautiful people always praise them. The correct word, Love is a gift. Without love there is no any kind in the world, no love, no honor and no sense of comfort. Without us there is no love in this world. Remember the story of prophet Adam and Siti Hawa? they met in this world also, because of love. Without the love of this world empty, and can be ascertained there will always be war everywhere. Maybe it just a little picture of love. Hence we should be grateful because there is love. With love we can do anything with a happy and feeling safe and comfortable.

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